Vi som har äckligt dålig humor

Tyckte att toppkommentarerna var rätt BÄST så jag visar dem:

This is the best song ever, apparently. Justin Bieber is gay. There are too many dislikes. I stopped my porn for this. Chuck Norris. I'm only 13 and I like this. Thumbs up if you are listening to this in 2011. Let's have a music rebellion. Press this number so something will happen. Random unfunny memes. The band that made this song is god. The world is ending in 2012. Lady Gaga. I raped the replay button. Why is it only showing my views?

YouTube comments in a nutshell. Sad, I know :P

2. after some time i feel like "ok, no more julian, i´m not obsessed anymore, i´m allright"..then i see some fucking video and i am where i was... damn



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